Our Services


lcg provides a variety of human resources and organization development consulting.  Whether you're a small company without an HR department (or limited) and looking for part-time assistance and support or whether you're a medium-sized company embarking on an acquisition and merger and need help with large scale change management strategies, we can help.  Each of our consulting clients have specialized needs and we don't believe in prescriptive services.  Contact us to set up a time to discuss your unique needs.

leadership development

We specialize in authentic and adaptive leadership models. Work environments are experiencing change at a increasingly rapid pace and as a result of technology, they are becoming more and more diverse.  We believe the competitive advantage for future leaders will be their ability to be adapt to the needs of others and a variety of situations while, at the same time, remaining authentic to their unique leadership style.  Leadership is self-awareness and relationship management; that simple and yet, that complicated.


We provide a variety of half day and full day workshops for every level of employee development in the workplace.  Some of our most requested workshops include:

  • Managing Up, Down & Sideways; Influencing in the Modern Organization
  • Difficult Conversations; Empowering Positive Communication in any Situation
  • No More Boring Meetings, Please!  Creating and Facilitating Dynamic & Effective Meetings
  • Managing Four Generations at Work; A Strengths-Focused Approach to Age Differences
  • Mindful Time Management; Using Mindful Strategies to Maximize Minutes
  • Situational & Adaptive Leadership 101; a Crash Course for Developing Leaders
  • Embracing Diverse Workplaces: Becoming Aware of Cultural Differences & Unconscious Bias at Work


We offer a strength-focused approach to coaching, grounded in the Co-Active Coaching Model.  All of our coaches are either certified or have extensive experience with their specific area of coaching.  Our most often requested coaching clients are:

  • Leaders/managers recently promoted and looking to grow their leadership skills to fit the new role
  • Women leaders balancing and navigating a complex and often challenging balance between work and home integration
  • Young professionals (Generation Y/Millennials) who have the drive and skills for leadership and may need to navigate the challenges of managing older professionals and/or need specific coaching in emotional intelligence competencies
  • Individuals looking to make a career change